Why hire me?

Using the best content marketing strategies will transform your business into a money making machine.

Whether you need sales copy to sell your latest products or well-researched articles to build your authority, I can help you.

I understand how content marketing works to drive conversions.

Need proof?

Using content marketing strategies, my own website has achieved over 15,000 page views in its FIRST MONTH.

Build authority in your niche, grow website traffic or generate new leads

Let me guess…

Maybe you have ideas but don’t know how to express them?

You simply don’t have the time to create stellar content to drive leads?

You want to grow your business with content marketing but don’t know how?

That’s were I come in!

Hi, I’m Zoe, expert copywriter and content marketer.

I’ve worked with many international brands, including Hollywood Mirrors and Live Skincare.

Let me sprinkle my magic on your content and help you boost your business.

I have experience in writing;

Blog posts/articles

Web copy

Sales copy



What do you charge?

I offer competitive pricing based on the value my services offer.

Each project is priced individually to reflect any required research and overall word count.

The benefits of working with me;

No overhead costs to your company other than the project fee.

More time for you to spend elsewhere on your business (or more time to spend relaxing!).

Fast turnaround due to working outside office hours.

Are you ready to invest in your business and turn your readers into paying customers?